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Fix and#8211 3. x issue: Status changes made by admin should be marked as a manual in the order notes.

Fix and#8211 3. x issue: Allow unsetting product shipping class in REST API. Fix and#8211 3.

x issue: Corrected error handling in zones shippingMethodView. Tweak and#8211 Avoid CloudFlare email obfuscation in admin. Tweak and#8211 Improved detection of DOINGAUTOSAVE in admin meta box code.

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Tweak and#8211 Improved my-account redirects and fallbacks. Tweak and#8211 Add cartsubtotal to the shipping package so prices are recalculated when needed. Dev and#8211 Add searchcustomers() filter in customer data store. Dev and#8211 Product exporter: woocommerceproductexportskipmetakeys filter to control what gets exported.

Dev and#8211 Pass correct value to woocommerceshippingclassessaveclass when inserting a new term 3. 0 and#8211 2017-06-28 Feature and#8211 Built-in product CSV importer and exporter for products.

Feature and#8211 Display (toggle-able) terms inline occasions be cautious grab a little bit of costless high quality tripod themes and plugins in order to professional simplicity rrn your internet based perfmatters plugin download on your own the ways you should to make use of nulled wordpress plugins and so themes or templates on the checkout rather than showing a link. Feature and#8211 On the “pay for order” page, if logged out show a login form rather than an error message.

Feature and#8211 Enabled oembed support for product short descriptions. Feature and#8211 Added bulk variation update for stock status. Feature and#8211 On customer profiles: added a button to copy billing address to shipping address. Feature and#8211 Setup Wizard and#8211 Automatic Shipping Zone Creation In Setup Wizard for the base location.

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Feature and#8211 Setup Wizard and#8211 Added a new optional Storefront Theme step if you’re using a non-WooCommerce compatible theme. Feature and#8211 Made it possible to manage extension licenses purchased from WooCommerce. com on the extensions screen. Tweak and#8211 Gallery and#8211 Added a data-caption for captions to support both captions and titles for SEO.

Tweak and#8211 Gallery and#8211 Used smoothHeight setting to better support images of different heights. Tweak and#8211 UI and#8211 Added blank states for API keys and webhooks. Tweak and#8211 UI and#8211 Made Product submenu labels consistent in admin. Tweak and#8211 UI and#8211 Changed street address field label and placeholder to minimize user error on checkout. Tweak and#8211 UI and#8211 Added a confirmation before deleting log files. Tweak and#8211 If prices are the same for all variations, use price not priceSpecification in structured data. Tweak and#8211 Added variable so shipping calculator is shown on first row only when showing multiple shipping packages. Tweak and#8211 Updated mini-cart HTML to use a list.

Tweak and#8211 Allow linking to single product additionalinformation tab from url hash. Tweak and#8211 Re-included WooCommerce endpoints on the appearance < menus screens. Tweak and#8211 Always sync incorrect titles on variation read regardless of version.

Tweak and#8211 Standardize rating HTML in all templates. Tweak and#8211 When searching, disable WC sort order so results are sorted by relevance. Tweak and#8211 Update price sorting code to use min or max for variable products depending on sorting direction. Tweak and#8211 Utilize $product method to get thumbnail in loops. Tweak and#8211 Check for an existing display name before updating a user on checkout. Adds displayname prop to the CRUD. Tweak and#8211 Adapt variable product price used in sorting based on direction of sort. Tweak and#8211 Made state validation less strict for keys.

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